Hotelier Property Management System – Is it Worth Trying?


Just have started your hotel business and having trouble executing the right plan to earn more revenue? No worries, you aren’t alone as it’s a problem with everyone thinking to invest in hotel sector. I myself have been struggling to find the right open source hotel software to get the best results. I tried different…

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3 Things You Should Know About Las Vegas Hotels


The hotels are different in Las Vegas in every aspect. There are no rules here and everyone wants a bash here. So they won’t care much about how the hotel serves them. This is why you should mind the following tips to make sure you are getting enough bang for your buck. Don’t Expect Great…

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Italian Lakes


The Italian lakes district is located at the Northern area of Italy, just below Switzerland. The lakes attract a large number of visitors, native and foreign, every year. Lake Garda is the easternmost and largest lake in Italy. It is enclosed by large spans of olive groves, lemon trees, green hills and vineyards. Another lake…

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The Impact of Hotel Reviews on the Hospitality Industry [Infographic]


Not yet paid attention to online reviews about your hotel? It’s time to shift your focus and remind yourself that online reviews matter. 97.7% consumers read hotel reviews online from other travellers while making decisions regarding their accommodation. That is something you cannot ignore as a hotelier. In today’s digital age, holiday planners give a…

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Benefits of staying in a Bali villa


In the past 10 years, Bali has fast become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. With its tropical climate, beautiful beaches, world class surf spots, and friendly culture, it has experienced extreme growth in this time with many high-end hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs setting up home on the Island of…

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Stay Alfred Pioneers New Lodging Option with Apartment-Hotels


Like a hotel, but with actual living space and a fully equipped kitchen! For the past 5 years, Stay Alfred has specialized in managing, furnishing, and cleaning apartment vacation homes in the best downtown locations known to man. They’ve worked hard to consistently provide their guests the “live like a local” experience by giving them…

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